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May 31

Exhibition on View: Warhol. Mechanical Art

Starting from today, the Warhol. Mechanical Art will be an exhibition open until September 16, 2018. Organized by and held at Museo Picasso Málaga in Spain, the show will be a comprehensive overview of all types of Warhol art.

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May 9

Pablo Picasso's Rose Period Nude Sells for $115,000,000

A Pablo Picasso Rose Period nude sold for $115 million at auction on May 8, 2018, beating out its $100 million lot estimate.

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Apr 20

Happy Birthday Joan Miró!

Remembered as one of the greatest Surrealists, Miro’s works draw on inspiration from landscapes of Majorca, Mont-roig, and Paris. Colorful and almost child-like are many of his works, where one can see figures structured and restructured in patterns....

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Apr 13

Happy Birthday Leonardo da Vinci!

Born on April 15, 1452, right outside of Florence, this Italian was a painter, inventor, mathematician, architect, and engineer. Considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time, Leonardo is widely recognized as the epitome of the Renaissanc...

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