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May 18

Keith Haring x Grace Jones

The artistic partnership between Grace Jones and Keith Haring remains an important chapter in the history of art and music. Their collaborations produced visually striking and boundary-pushing artworks that continue to inspire and influence artists t...

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May 11

Keith Haring's Barking Dogs

Keith Haring's Barking Dog stands for all abuses of power, government, and oppressive regimes that demand obedience and represents authority, and is one of Haring's most iconic symbols from his oeuvre of visual/pictorial language.

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Nov 30

Roy Lichtenstein's Techniques: Spots and Stripes

Roy Lichtenstein's distinct methods of playful color have created a rare sort of phenomenon since their earliest usage, inspiring a surge of comics and advert-esque imagery in art ever since.

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Jul 7

Keith Haring Dancing Figures: Dancing Man, Dancing Dogs

Did Keith Haring really love to dance, or was it another symbol that he incorporated into his works to provide us with insight into his ideas and behaviors?

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