Artist Spotlight

Jul 7

Keith Haring Dance, Dancing Man, Dancing Dogs

Did Keith Haring really love to dance, or was it another symbol that he incorporated into his works to provide us with insight into his ideas and behaviors?

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Jul 6

Keith Haring Best Buddies

An insight into one of the Charities that influenced Keith Haring and allowed him to create one of the most recognizable logos from around the world.

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Jun 22

The Andy Mouse Series: A collaborative work between Haring and Warhol

An indepth look into Keith Haring's collaborative work with Andy Warhol, the Andy Mouse Series.

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Jun 1

"XX KAWS": Contemporary Art Meets Fashion in The North Face Collaboration

In Jan 2022, KAWS and The North Face artistically collaborated on a new clothing line with the idea "two mindsets, one vision. To see the world outside the lines".

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