Artist Spotlight

Oct 31

Pablo Picasso and Cubism

A revolutionary style of modern art pioneered by Pablo Picasso, Cubism formed in response to the rapidly changing modern world. In collaboration with his friend and fellow artist Georges Braque, Picasso challenged conventional, realistic forms of art...

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Apr 20

Happy Birthday Joan Miró!

Remembered as one of the greatest Surrealists, Miro’s works draw on inspiration from landscapes of Majorca, Mont-roig, and Paris. Colorful and almost child-like are many of his works, where one can see figures structured and restructured in patterns....

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Apr 11

Frank Stella Polar Co-ordinates for Ronnie Peterson, 1980

The series, dedicated to Stella's late friend and racecar driver, Ronnie Peterson uses a quatrefoil shape, variously dissected and reversed, to create beautifully cohesive compositions.

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Apr 10

Frank Stella Race Track Series, 1972

Named after 3 race tracks in California and Mexico, the series consists of oblong, harmonically-colored prints resembling a birds-eye view of racetracks, which Stella had a lively personal interest in.

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