Sep 29

Keith Haring Statue of Liberty Screenprint and Mural

In 1986, Keith Haring was commissioned to produce a mural commemorating the 100-year anniversary of America receiving the Statue of Libery from France, with him creating the most important work in his oeuvre.

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Jul 7

Keith Haring Dogs

Haring is no stranger to symbols and motifs in art, as most of his art has always maintained a level of beneath the surface meanings. Dogs, in particular, are heavily used imagery for Haring, but why did he like to use them and to what end?

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Jun 10

Rosa Bonheur French Painter 200th Birthday today- Google Doodle: Queer Feminist Icon of the 19th Cen...

Rosa Bonheur, a Frenchwoman and painter, lived her life as authentically as possible and this month we look back to why she holds such importance in the art sphere for feminist creators in the generations that followed.

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May 18

Art Twink: Stacey Park Milbern's Google Doodle

If "your everyday queer Korean girl from the South", as she once referred to herself as, can be featured as a person to remember on her 35th birthday via the Art Twink's playful illustrative art on the world's most popular URL,, Stacey Par...

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