Immersive exhibits are on the rise in 2021, from the Van Gogh exhibit in San Francisco, to the Da Vinci exhibit in Canada to the work of TeamLab in Japan and there is no escaping the idea of these exhibits becoming more popular as an introductory view in some artistic masters. It’s no wonder that Picasso is not exempt from this trend and finds himself apart of his own immersive experience taking place in Vancouver, Canada. Replacing the popular Imagine Van Gogh Exhibit, which ends October 15th, is the new Imagine Picasso Exhibition which is being held by the same event organizers as the Van Gogh Exhibit. This Exhibition will be the premiere of the large visual display on the West-Coast. There will be over 200 of Picasso’s paintings on the large projection screens, with a similar set up to its predecessor; the room will be completely dark, light only coming from the artworks themselves as they move across the screens. "Imagine Picasso features more than 200 of the artist’s paintings, shown together for the first time—from his Blue and Rose periods on through Cubism and the prolific later years," states a press release.

The Imagine Picasso Exhibition was curated and created by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, in collaboration with art historian Androula Michael and French architect Rudy Ricciotti. “Education in substance and moving in form, this exhibition is a way of looking at art with new eyes,” said Androula Michael, the curator specializing in Picasso’s work. Utilizing the space in a different way, the artworks will be projected onto 3D spaces that are shaped like origami like structures, offering a different perspective of the Spanish artist’s works. Tickets aren’t available at this time, but pre-registration is available through the Imagine Picasso Website so if you happen to be in Vancouver, make sure to check it out!