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Sep 3

New Immersive Exhibition Imagine Picasso comes to Vancouver

Following the Van Gogh immersive exhibition follows a new Picasso experience showcasing the artists work in a new light.

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Jul 23

Museum of Fine Arts Houston reveals exciting new range of works from Georgia O’Keeffe

After six years of dedicated work, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston's curator of photography, Lisa Volpe, unveils approximately 90 photographs Georgia O'Keeffe took, proving that she had a photographic practice of her own. On view from October 17th t...

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Jul 22

Andy Warhol: A Blockbuster Retrospective at the AGO

A new retrospective that reflects all four decades of Andy Warhol's life and career at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The exhibit will feature a vast repertoire of mediums and artstyles Warhol used.

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Jul 19

Prado Museum Welcomes the Return of Picasso to their Collection

The Museo Nacional del Prado is welcoming the return of Picasso to their walls with the temporarily acquisitioned Buste de Femme (Bust of a Woman) c.1943 and will be exhibited next to two of Picasso's greatest influences.

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