Mar 29

Frank Stella Swan Engravings Series, 1982-1985

The series of 25 prints was created by collaging scraps of discarded templates from Swan Engraving Company on a board and printing the inked surface. Because the collaged composition was uneven, when printed the paper gained a beautiful reliefed sur...

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Mar 17

Female Artists Who Greatly Influenced Gender Equality

The women involved in art's history go beyond the final product's mastic composition. Some of them earned their fame from their canvas, while others used the deviance of their art as a weapon against their oppressors.

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Mar 14

Andy Warhol’s Ladies and Gentlemen Series, 1975

Provocative, ambiguous, and direct, this series marks Andy Warhol's departure from portraiture based on appropriated images. Inspired by the embracing of sexuality in the 70's, Warhol created a series of 10 screenprints titled Ladies and Gentlemen, 1...

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