Tallix Foundry is a world-renowned sculpture foundry located in Beacon, New York. The foundry is known for its state-of-the-art technology and techniques for casting, fabrication, and finishing of fine art objects, from small-scale sculptures to monumental installations. Founded in 1970, Tallix has been working with many renowned artists, including Roy Lichtenstein and Jeff Koons, to produce some of their most iconic works.

Jeff Koons began working with Tallix in the late 1980s. He was initially attracted to the foundry for their ability to create large-scale works and for their advanced technology in the casting process. Koons was known for his use of everyday objects and pop culture references in his art, and his collaboration with Tallix allowed him to produce sculptures with an unprecedented level of detail and precision.

One of Koons' most famous works, the "Balloon Dog" series, was produced in collaboration with Tallix. The series comprises five unique sculptures, each representing a different color of the classic children's party balloon. The sculptures are made from highly polished stainless steel, and stand at over ten feet tall. The works are playful and whimsical, but also monumental in scale, and have become icons of contemporary art.

Another notable collaboration between Koons and Tallix is the "Popeye" series. The series comprises three sculptures of the famous cartoon character, each measuring over six feet tall. The sculptures were produced using a unique casting process developed by Tallix, which allowed Koons to create highly detailed, lifelike depictions of Popeye and his iconic spinach can.

In addition to Koons, Tallix also worked extensively with Roy Lichtenstein, helping him to produce some of his most famous sculptures. Lichtenstein's works were known for their use of Ben Day dots, a printing technique commonly used in comic books and newspapers. Tallix developed a specialized casting technique that allowed Lichtenstein to create sculptures that accurately reproduced the look of his signature Ben Day dots.

One of Lichtenstein's most famous sculptures produced in collaboration with Tallix is "Brushstroke Group," a series of three sculptures that depict a brushstroke in three different stages of completion. The sculptures are made from painted and patinated bronze, and stand at over six feet tall. They were created using a complex casting process that required Tallix to produce multiple molds and castings, each with a different patina and finish.

Tallix Foundry's reputation for innovation and collaboration has made it one of the leading sculpture foundries in the world. Their work with Jeff Koons and Roy Lichtenstein has helped to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of sculpture, and their commitment to quality and craftsmanship has earned them a place in the history of contemporary art.