Jul 22

Andy Warhol: A Blockbuster Retrospective at the AGO

A new retrospective that reflects all four decades of Andy Warhol's life and career at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The exhibit will feature a vast repertoire of mediums and artstyles Warhol used.

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Jul 19

Prado Museum Welcomes the Return of Picasso to their Collection

The Museo Nacional del Prado is welcoming the return of Picasso to their walls with the temporarily acquisitioned Buste de Femme (Bust of a Woman) c.1943 and will be exhibited next to two of Picasso's greatest influences.

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Mar 29

Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger's Productive Friendship

The relationship between the two illustrious artists produced some incredible art that lives on today.

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Mar 24

The Legacy of La Ruche

There was no place like La Ruche for a starving artist. The building was originally intended only as a temporary building designed by Gustav Eiffel for the Great Exposition of 1900, but the artist Alfred Boucher gave it a new life and re-opened it as...

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