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Jun 23

Keith Haring: Pop Shop

Keith Haring's Pop Shop NYC was the artist's famed not-a-gallery shop in Soho neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. Haring also has a set of series of the same name.

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Jun 22

The Andy Mouse Series: A collaborative work between Haring and Warhol

An indepth look into Keith Haring's collaborative work with Andy Warhol, the Andy Mouse Series.

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Jun 10

Rosa Bonheur French Painter 200th Birthday today- Google Doodle: Queer Feminist Icon of the 19th Cen...

Rosa Bonheur, a Frenchwoman and painter, lived her life as authentically as possible and this month we look back to why she holds such importance in the art sphere for feminist creators in the generations that followed.

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Jun 1

"XX KAWS": Contemporary Art Meets Fashion in The North Face Collaboration

In Jan 2022, KAWS and The North Face artistically collaborated on a new clothing line with the idea "two mindsets, one vision. To see the world outside the lines".

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