Aug 12

This is Not a Pipe

Rene Maggrite This Is Not a Pipe is one of his most iconic images. Irony is not necessarily the lens through which one might understand Rene Magritte's This Is Not a Pipe. As Suzi Gablik points out the arbitrary relationship between an object and its...

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Jul 19

Diamond Dust: Shining Bright with Artists

Diamond dust is a glittering material that can be applied to paper and ink in the silkscreen printing process to create a textured and luminous finish. Many artists such as Andy Warhol and Russell Young use the famed diamond dust cover in their works...

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May 31

Exhibition on View: Warhol. Mechanical Art

Starting from today, the Warhol. Mechanical Art will be an exhibition open until September 16, 2018. Organized by and held at Museo Picasso Málaga in Spain, the show will be a comprehensive overview of all types of Warhol art.

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