Artists have been moved for centuries by the beauty, grace, and body of the female. Their model, lover, or wife acted not only as their muses, but also as their collaborators. From influencing the subject matter to assisting in the creation process and production, women were at the center of the famous artists lives.

Take Claude Monet and his first wife Camille Monet. Camille was his model before she became his wife and inspired some of his most famous works, Woman with a Parasol and Woman in the Green Dress. Pablo Picasso’s use of his lover’s in his art is unquestionable, therefore, it isn’t surprising to find them in his brilliant masterpieces, such as Dora Maar in Guernica. In more recent memory, the way Christo and Claes Oldenburg have latterly given their project-manager wives equal billing.

Such passion and respect have created wonderful masterpieces that tell stories of love, betrayal, sadness, hope, and desire. Without the influence of such women, who knows what would have inspired these artists to create.

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