Strange Attractor
Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder redefined art by introducing mobiles into the world and constantly explored different mediums and methods as a way to express his ideas. Now his great-grandson is following in his footsteps in an interesting way. Gryphon Rower-Upjohn is organizing an exhibition of work that melds sculpture, performance and sound in the desert town of Marfa, Texas. The show is due to present work by artists including Calder, Beatrice Gibson, Lucky Dragons and Haroon Mirza.

Located on the western boarder of Texas, Marfa is a small town founded in the 1880's. Its reputation today is as a center of minimalist art. Contemporary artists create exhibitions and live and work in Marfa, creating an exciting and well-worth seeing atmosphere and city.

On the outskirts of the desert town, Haroon Mirza plans to install a stone circle that uses solar power to play electronic music. A musician himself, Rower-Upjohn was inspired to do the show at Ballroom Marfa after researching Calder’s own experiments with sound and music. Titled Strange Attractor, the show will be running from March 10th, 2017 - August 6th, 2017. The featured artists include: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Thomas Ashcraft, Robert Buck, Alexander Calder, Beatrice Gibson, Phillipa Horan, Channa Horwitz, Lucky Dragons, Haroon Mirza, and Douglas Ross.

Particularly of interest, a never before seen mobile by Alexander Calder will be on display. Clangors, 1942 is a soung-making, hanging mobile. The show includes many auditory excitements, including large tuning forks that will broadcast "their tones throughout the town of Marfa on overlapping radio frequencies in a continuously evolving sonic sculpture."

Read more about Strange Attractor and Ballroom Marfa, a non-profit organization and contemporary art space located and in Marfa that hosts exhibitions and provides support to artists and curators:

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