[caption id="attachment_10003" align="alignleft" width="300"]Karen Kain by Andy Warhol Karen Kain by Andy Warhol[/caption]

Window to the Soul: Portraiture and Prints, the first of a series of online exhibitions presented by Masterworks Fine Art, features 20 striking prints that represent a diverse range of artistic styles and subjects. Drawn from Masterworks Fine Art’s collection, this exhibition includes works by famed masters such as Harmensz van Rijn Rembrandt, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol.

Mankind has always held a certain fascination for the face and its ability to reflect the human soul. Artists, in particular, have historically been mesmerized by the face and its encapsulation of the essence of a person’s character. This exhibition addresses portraiture within the printmaking medium and how such portraits serve as a tool for communication: a tool used to examine and interpret the subject’s persona as well as the cultural and historical context of his or her existence.

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