The internet offers a wide range of resources on art education.  We have compiled a list of some of our favorite web pages and will continue to add to this list as we encounter interesting and engaging art-related sites.

Below please find a list of relevant links on a variety of art-related topics:


Google Art Project: Online database of high resolution images of famed artworks in museums throughout the world, complete with art historical online activities and resources

Artcyclopedia:  General guide to artists, masterpieces, and art movements Guide to artists, art styles and periods, and art mediums

Smarthistory: Open art history textbook presented by the Khan Academy on artists and artistic styles and themes; includes an art historical timeline

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History from the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art New York: Chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of art history

The Art Story: Guide to modern art including information about artists, art movements, timelines, art theory, and current exhibitions


Artble: Encyclopedic website with information about various artists

Famous Artists 125: Brief biographies on famous artists


The Getty Research Institute: Online dictionary of art terms

The Artist’s Toolkit: In depth guide to the tools (visual elements and principles) that artist’s use to create a composition

ArtLex: Extensive online dictionary of art terms for artists, collectors, students, and educators


What is a print?: Animated examples of the following printmaking techniques: Woodcut, etching, lithography, and screenprint for a more comprehensive understanding of the printmaking process

Printeresting: Online resource for all things print related including artwork, news, technology, and critical discourse

The Print Perspective: Online resource explaining the history and process of various printmaking techniques


AMICO (Art Museum Image Consortium): Online image database drawn from museums around the world; membership required

Web Gallery of Art: Database of European painting and sculpture from the 11th to mid-19th centuries


University of Michigan Museums List: Comprehensive list of major museums worldwide with links provided to their respective webpages; most museum sites allow you to browse their collections and current exhibitions and many offer educational resources for teachers and students

De Young: Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco

SFMOMA: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


NGA Classroom:  Presented by the National Gallery of Art, this site offers online resources for teachers and students such as online interactive lesson units, teaching packets, and games and activities.

ArtsEdge: Lesson plans for teachers of all age groups

KinderArt: Lesson plans for teachers of all age groups but with a focus on the K-5 age group

HaringKids: Lesson plans and educator resources based on the life and art of Keith Haring

The Incredible Art Department: Extensive site featuring an extensive range of lesson plans and art resources for students of all ages

Denver Art Museum Creativity Resource: Lesson plans, resources, and images for teachers surrounding the collections and exhibitions of the Denver Art Museum

The Museum Network- Portraits: Featuring works of portraiture from 5 Museum collections, this site discusses the various aspects of portraiture


Art Babble: Video shorts on various art-related topics

Destination Modern Art at MoMA: Animated interactive tour of the Museum of Modern Art New York for elementary and middle school students

Picassohead: Create your own Picassohead online

Getty Games: Interactive website presented by the Getty Museum featuring art-related games and activities for students

Art Zone -  Presented by the National Gallery of Art, this site offers a variety of ways for students to create art online

SmARTkids – Presented by the University of Chicago, this animated site offers a variety of ways to explore art through games and virtual tours

Curious Corner – Presented by the Art Institute Chicago, this animated site directed towards younger students at the elementary level offers a variety of interactive games, activities, and stories

Artsconnected – interactive Web site that provides access to works of art and educational resources from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Walker Art Center for K-12 educators, students, and scholars

Art21 – Presented by PBS, this site chronicles the lives and works of contemporary artists through the series Art in the Twenty-First Century; complete with educator resources and artist profiles