What is “original”?

A print is termed, “original” if the artist of the design has worked on the printing element himself, as opposed to reproductive and interpretative prints which involve the use of an intermediary person to reproduce the design onto the printing element. Original prints are often only produced in small numbers; they may be numbered and signed by the artist. These distinctions between reproductions (which occasionally may also be signed and numbered) and original prints are, however, generalized.

It must be noted that some people have a much more rigorous definition of an original print than others, however we consider the collaborative work completed during the artist’s lifetime with their signed approval to be an original, as they produce a vibrant image that more skillfully projects the artists’ message. Given the multitude of techniques used by key artists and the great variety of techniques available, the involvement and collaboration of the artist leaves one with no sensible conclusion then to say all techniques should be considered equal as long as the artist’s intent was approved through the artist’s original signature on that piece of work.

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