Gagosian Gallery is currently showing an exhibition titled In the Studio: Paintings from February 17 - April 18, 2015 that explores the subject of the artist's studio in works of art. It includes over 50 paintings and works on paper by nearly 40 artists that includes Wilhelm Bendz, Honoré Daumier, Thomas Eakins, Lucian Freud, Jean-Léon Gérôme, William Hogarth, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso.

Capturing the happenings in an artist’s studio is one of the earliest and longest standing motifs. From the painter at the easel to pedagogical scenes to images of artists and models, each scene is fascinating to both artists and viewers for they allow a glimpse into another world and exclusive access into the mind of brilliant creators.

The space where art is created is often an escape for the artist from the world; a space where they go to for freedom and purpose. In portraying that space they make a statement about their lives and passion. They open themselves up to the world, leaving behind their privacy. Artists such as Chagall, Picasso, and Matisse have strong oeuvres rich in expressions of their creative space. It is through such personal exposure that makes these works so cherished by collectors.