Sister Corita Kent, The Female Pop Artist with a Spiritual Message

By on 19 Jan 2018
Corita Kent, “be” “of love” “(a little) more careful,” “than of everything” (all from 1967)

Pop art was a genre mainly dominated men in the art world in the 70’s, but Corita Kent or Sister Mary Corita Kent as she was also known, challenged that norm and the dominating message of consumerism. An American Catholic nun, educator, and artist, her works instead held spiritual messages of hope, love, and peace.

As an artist Sister Corita Kent constantly appropriated original advertising graphics and she would tear, rip, or crumble the image, then re-photograph it. In particular using texts from scripture, newspaper clippings, song lyrics, and writings from literary greats such as Gertrude Stein, E. E. Cummings, and Albert Camus as the textual focal point of her work to create her serigraphs. Her goal was to appeal to common human values, and her stunning oeuvre does just that. Reminding all who see it to question their surroundings and carry hope in their hearts.

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