A selection of Pablo Picasso’s works worth over $290 million owned by Marina Picasso, Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter, will be sold privately through Picasso.net these coming months bringing about a frenzy of interest in both Picasso’s history and his oeuvre. Works said to be available date from 1905 through 1965 and include Maternité (1921), valued at about $54 million, and Femme a la Mandoline (Mademoiselle Leonie assie) 1911, worth roughly $60 million. With one of particular personal importance being a 1923 portrait of Marina's grandmother, Picasso's first wife, Olga Khokhlova, titled Portrait de femme (Olga).

It is no secret that Marina condemns her grandfather while making a profit off him, notoriously writing of him in her book Picasso: My Grandfather that he “drove everyone who got near him to despair and engulfed them," and that her inheritance was “given without love." A rough relationship in part made more difficult by Jacqueline Rouge, Picasso’s second wife, who barred a majority of his children and grandchildren from his life.

Interestingly enough, also for sale is “La Californie," the Cannes villa Marina inherited from her grandfather, who lived there with Jacqueline Roque. The villa has become a museum and gallery dedicated to Picasso and not much is known about the conditions of sale, but as with anything attached to Picasso, it is sure to bring fervor.

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