Many modern artists and collectors are introduced to Pablo Picasso through multiple mediums. In school one takes an art class here, a history class there and discovers his art and life. Through film, advertisements, and print media his art is used as a canvas for expression. His work is intricately woven into our lives through so many different avenues and mediums that we don’t quite realize the influence he has.

Pablo Picasso's legacy however can be seen in the modern artists that aspire to emulate his work, challenge his techniques, and reinterpret his works with their own flair. With Picasso's staggering output of more than 20,000 paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, and photographs there is plenty to choose from.

Picasso invented cubism with Georges Braque, invented the collage technique, and painted the 20th century’s most imposing masterpiece "Guernica", so it is indeed hard to think of any modern artist who didn't at some point in their career take cues from Picasso.

These artists range from Max Weber to Man Ray to Willem de Kooning to Jackson Pollock to Arshile Gorky to Lee Krasner to David Smith to Andy Warhol to Claes Oldenburg to Jasper Johns and Roy Lichtenstein.

Many more artists are inspired by Picasso’s art and will continue to be. As they strive to capture Picasso’s versatility and movement through art and life, they embrace Picasso’s creative lawlessness and redefine art in their own right. So when looking at a de Kooning in a gallery or museum, take an extra second to ponder about the influence of Picasso.