The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh has paid £22,500 to acquire a proof of rare Pablo Picasso glass work Capra. Pablo Picasso designed the work in 1954 and Italian glass maker Egidio Constantini produced it, after which another seven variants were made. The work is made from black, white and iridescent glass, and will be a highlight in their collection after their reopening.

Multiple other Picasso works will be shown as well including his ceramics and his rare intricate jewelry pieces. The glass work stands out however as Picasso’s glass work is less well known because there is so little of it, which makes the addition that much more valuable: "It’s very rare that you get the chance to see of his glass work in a gallery or museum. There is some in the Guggenheim museum in Venice, but I’m not aware of any in the UK," Rose Watban, senior curator of modern and contemporary art and design at the museum, said. Now visitors to the National Museum of Scotland will get some rare Picasso pieces of their own.