Introduction to Joan Miró: The Force of Matter (La forza della materia)

A major Joan Miró exhibition has opened in Milan, Italy from March 25- September 11, 2016. The show is curated by the Fundació Joan Miró of Barcelona and will give an unparalleled access to the artist’s enigmatic and surreal oeuvre.  The Milanese MUDEC museum which houses the exhibition will feature 100 paintings and sculptures made between the years 1931-1981. To guide visitors, the museum has organized the show chronologically into 4 sections.  

The Force of Matter - Exhibition Themes 

Miró is one of the most prominent figures of modern art. He is frequently linked to surrealism, oftentimes melding poetry and painting in his works. In his artistic process, Miro utilizes symbols and primary colors to construct his unique visual language. The primitive quality of his works eventually translates into Miro’s perception of material culture. It is precisely this quality which will be the focus of the show. As viewers walk through the exhibition, they can expect the color black to be dominant, a mark of Miro’s pictographic style. Other primary colors follow to form the syntax of Miro’s visual poetry.  Aside from the paintings, the museum will also display a range of fascinating sculptures from the artist. The sculptures appear as bronze assemblages, such as Doll’s Head and Back (Tete et dos d’une poupee),1966.  Though these works are lesser known, they nevertheless provide additional perspective into the artist’s creative range.  Moreover, the inclusion of sculptures alongside paintings emphasizes the exhibition’s focus on materiality.

Additionally, Joan Punyet Miro, the artist's grandson, says color, shape and material were the key "pillars" of Miro's art. He explained his grandfather understood the magic of color, "the magic of interpretation of dreams, and the magic of surrealistic poetry.” Color, dreams and poetry have dominated the majority of Miro’s artistic career. It is these three elements which will encompass the core of the exhibition. Visitors will have an immersive experience of surrealism and artistic poetry.

To visit the Joan Miro: The Force of Matter:

Museo delle Culture
via Tortona 56, CAP 20144 Milano