Joan Miró drew on inspiration from memory, fantasy and the irrational, which is why his art is so universally cherished and honored. Working on themes that surrounded poetry, novels, plays, political agendas, and his own experiences, he pulled his abstract creations from the real world around him which enabled him to give his works an added depth and story to them.

Miró explored the possibility of creating an entirely and new visual vocabulary for art that, while not divorced from the objective world, could exist outside of it. Rather than transitioning to complete abstraction, Miró's biomorphic forms remained within the bounds of objectivity. However, they were forms of pure invention and were made expressive and imbued with meaning through their juxtaposition with other forms and the artist's use of color.

Thus on his 122nd birthday, we continue to celebrate Miró for his ability to create a world on multiple mediums that seemed plausible, despite the compositions considerable level of abstraction.

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