When sending art to the conservator one never knows what will appear and such was the case with the Barnes Foundation. Upon sending two of their watercolors by Paul Cézanne, Chaîne de l'Étoile Mountains (1885-86) and Trees (c.1900), out to be conserved it was revealed that Cezanne sketched drawings on the back of each work.

This was not the first time that the Barnes Foundation have found drawings on the back of Cézanne's works and according to Foundation, only 15 unknown drawings by Cézanne have emerged in the last 30 years. This is by no means uncommon as artists frequently re-purposed materials, but with an Impressionist master such as Cezanne it is certainly newsworthy. If you wish to see the revealed works in person, they will be displayed in double-sided frames at the Barnes Foundation from April 10 for eight weeks.

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