Paul Cezanne "Vue sur L'Estaque et le Château d'If" (circa 1883-1885), Oil on Canvas

Several of diverse artists that Masterworks Fine Art features sold well at auction this past week, creating an interesting momentum in the market for surrealist and impressionist works.  Vue sur l’Estaque et le Château d’If (1883-1885), rare among Paul Cézanne works due to its vertical-format landscape, sold for $20.5 million at a London auction yesterday, making it the first time it hit the market since 1936. Painted during his last visit to the town of L'Estaque, Cézanne found wonderful inspiration in the location with this particular piece capturing a view from the hill above the town, with trees framing the fishing port's terracotta rooftops and the Mediterranean Sea. This price further cements Cézanne’s place, at the moment, as the world’s most expensive artist.

Meanwhile Joan Miró’s Woman, Moon, Birds, (1950) was the highest lot, selling for $30.2 million. An abstract work featuring figures cavorting in the moonlight, Miró’s work and surrealism in general is becoming popular with Russian and Asian buyers. This is believed to be because the art express the mood of unreality, unease and the irrational in Europe between the two world wars. As the international market becomes more diverse in taste, the demand will increase making these works difficult to come by and now the time buy.

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