Kandinsky, "Self Portrait," circa 1884. Unknown on Paper

Kandinsky is respected throughout the art world and credited with painting the first purely abstract works. However a large part of his success is that Kandinsky had a very special gift called synaesthesia cognate, which gave him the ability to hear colors and see sounds. He had a fascinating journey, being born in Moscow and moving between Germany and Russia during both World Wars before settling down in France in 1933.

Kandinsky, "Composition VI ," 1913. Oil on Canvas. Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

The main key in Kandisnky’s work is that some characteristics are obvious while certain touches are more discrete and veiled. That is to say they reveal themselves only progressively to those who make the effort to deepen their connection with his work. He intended his forms, which he subtly harmonized and placed, to resonate with the observer's own soul. A lover of music and spiritual theorist, Kandinsky had a passion for learning and expressing himself, which is what we celebrate on his birthday today. For without such passion, we would not have such great masterpieces or the existence of certain art movements which would make the art world a little more empty.

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