Buying from Masterworks vs. Other Galleries

By on 19 Jan 2018

The answer is fairly simple economics: with Masterworks Fine Art, Inc., you’re dealing with a private dealer that doesn’t have the typical overheads of a retail gallery.

Retail gallery operations average about $500k/month in overhead costs – these costs must be factored into the price of the art that the gallery sells.

With Masterworks, our pricing is much lower because you’re dealing with a private dealer who owns and sells his own inventory. Our overhead costs are a mere fraction of the monthly operating cost of a typical retail gallery.

There are no sales commissions to pay. You deal directly with the President of Masterworks whose long-term interests are different than that of a typical gallery. Masterworks’s overall goal is to build a long-term working relationship with a client and NOT, for example, a one-time sale to help a sales consultant make their monthly rent.

In terms of expertise, most gallery salesmen do not have specialties in fine art, art history, or art techniques and technologies. You typically deal with a salesman who couldn’t care less whether they sell a car, a watch, or a work of fine art. Masterworks is passionate about fine art and believes our clients should share in this passion, curiosity and respect for the fine art they seek to collect.

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