Norman Rockwell was  born on February 3rd 1894. Known as America’s illustrator and painter in the 20th century, no one captured the hearts and minds of everyday Americans quite like Norman Rockwell. Hired as an art director for Boys' Life magazine at age nineteen, Rockwell was motivated and talented from an early age with his sartorially true paintings catching the attention of everybody he came into contact with. That is easy to see, as his style is beautifully expressive, blending effortlessly into the scene, making it complete and memorable.

As we celebrate Rockwell’s birthday today, it is his impressive career and legacy that stands out most for a man that experienced a lifetime of depression, anxiety and severe insecurity. During his career, Rockwell produced more than 4,000 pieces, including over 40 book illustrations. Most of his work, not lost in a 1943 fire, is in museums, while his drawings have influenced a number of movies, and directors have featured them in films, including "Empire of the Sun," "Funny Farm," "The Polar Express," "Forest Gump" and "American Gangster." With such inspiration gained from his works, and a man much celebrated, it is amusing that he himself did not enjoy celebrations stating, “I'm not going to be caught around here for any fool celebration. To hell with birthdays!”

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