133 years have passed today since Pablo Picasso was born on October 25th in Málaga, Spain. The nearly century and a half since his birth has been filled with amazing artists. However none have left such an impact on not only the art world but on civilization as a whole, which Picasso did through his ingenious creativity that constantly changed the landscape of art.

A rare type of artist who sought to challenge himself in every endeavor, Picasso created Cubism with Georges Braque, and collage, while embracing difficult mediums such as ceramics, linocuts, and lithographs. Never content to simply excel in one area, Picasso even worked in glass, utilizing his favorite motifs of mythical creatures to create fantastical sculptures. Sculptures, that when combined with the previously mentioned mediums and paintings, comprise one of the most impressive and important oeuvres ever created by a single artist.

An oeuvre that left a lasting impression on his contemporaries and future generations. Inspiring artists and non-artists alike to look at the world in a different way and examine something within themselves that they might not otherwise find. This is Picasso’s true genius and why we are celebrating his birth today: his crazy polarizing ability to connect with an audience in a way no other artist is able to.